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  • Voxterr helps you stand out from the crowd

    Today it’s becoming harder to get noticed on the internet. Voxterr makes it easier for you to stand out from the crowd by introducing the concept of regional portals. It’s easier to stand out in your region than it is in the whole world. But Voxterr doesn’t limit you only to your region.

  • Voxterr is made to promote you

    Voxterr promotes you locally through the regional portal, and encourages users to share your content to other websites and social networks to spread your content even further. As your content becomes more popular, it can get featured on the portal in your region.

  • Search engines love us

    Everything you publish on Voxterr can be found through Voxterr, and search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing… Voxterr optimizes your content so that it ranks very high on Google and other search engines. This means even more interested visitors, and even further global reach.

  • You can write better content with the help of others

    To help you make your content more relevant, Voxterr is preparing the Collaborate feature. It will enable other users to suggest changes to your content. Both people, and search engines love relevant content, which means even more visitors.

  • You get rewarded for what you create

    By publishing anything on Voxterr, you become a part of Voxterr’s reward program. Every time someone buys anything through the Voxterr Marketplace immediately after visiting your content, you get a percentage of the sale.